Frequently Asked Questions

Now we could simply say a 100K. But this question is not so easy to answer. It's like asking how much a road costs without saying how wide, long, for what speed limit, with how many tunnels, bridges or traffic lights the road should be built. But a film is not a road either, because the price of a film depends less on the length of the final product. What determines the price is rather the size of the team, the amount of preparation, shooting days, editing, concept, is music composed or licensed, who are the actors and voice actors, are there text inserts, animations and elaborate compositing, etc.

So it is difficult to give a simple answer to the question "How much does a film cost? What can be said quite clearly, bigger budgets allow bigger, maybe better, but definitely more daring concepts. But that doesn't mean that a great film always needs a big budget. The easiest way is to contact us and talk about your ideas and requirements.


Good question. We are definitely not an agency, although we often take on agency-like tasks. Yes, we are a production company, but mostly more than that. We also prefer to create our own concepts and ideas for the films. But we also offer to work with the advertising agency of your choice. Maybe we are something like a moving image agency. In any case, we call ourselves a studio for moving images. We think that's quite fitting.

Sure we do. We are happy to be involved as early as possible in the process of creating a commercial, but we are also happy to stage others' finished concepts and scripts. It is also possible to purchase only cameramen, grips, assistants, editing time, sound design, etc. from us.

100 (in words: one hundred).

Sometimes only 95.

Of course, it depends very much on the specific project. Normally it takes 8-10 weeks from the first meeting to the finished film. However, we have managed it in less than a week for last-minute requests. In any case, it's a good idea to let us know when the film should be ready when you make your first request. And again: just call us or send us an email.


Generally spoken, yes, but often adaptations are necessary. For an Instagram Story, the video should work in portrait format, Instagram works better in squares but other formats are also supported. Each distribution channel has different requirements. It's advisable to think about different channels and lines of communication right away as part of a production. The sooner you let us know what you want to use the video for, the better we can consider the different formats.

Well, let's say "almost all the time". We always have coffee, though. Just give it a try and see for yourself what we have to offer.

LM.Media offers all the services needed for videos and films of all kinds. We conceptualize, we plan, we film, we lap time, we fly drones, we make 360° content, we conduct interviews, we write scripts, we edit, we correct and grade colors, we score, we compose music, we make animations in 2D and 3D, we make phone calls and we love what we do ... we are also pretty good at juggling and are even better at making paper planes.

Actually, we do almost everything that is media and moving. We make product videos, image films, commercials, documentaries, social media moving image campaigns, explainer films, editorials, tutorials, 360° video & photo, animations, TV spots, Youtube prerolls, Instagram content and we also like to make films and videos for which there is no category yet. The best thing to do is to drop by our virtual showroom and get an idea of our work.


That depends entirely on your goal. Each channel has different requirements. And the requirements determine the design of the production. In general, however, we always design moving images so that they can be used on different channels and thus serve different target groups. Maybe a vertical video production is just the right thing for your project. Come and visit us at Kreuzstraße 15a and we'll discuss your request.


There are really many different applications. Basically, we know that 360° video and photo are well suited for the presentation of one's own company, e.g. at trade fairs. You can make virtual tours of your company, hotels, amusement parks, etc. with it.

Yes we offer aerial photography and hold the required licenses. We fly various systems. From small mini drones to huge ones equipped with a RED camera, everything is possible with us. Recently, we also fly FPV drones. Together with our partners we can realize aerial photography over any imaginable place.

We are not an equipment rental house, but of course we help each other out within the industry. Just ask if you need a RED, a high-speed camera (more than 1400 FPS in HD) or other gadgets.


No, but we like to be outdoors, on the mountain, on the rope or in the raft, both privately and for clients, but of course we also do scenic productions in studios or indoors. It's the multifaceted nature of this job that makes it so exciting!

Oh yes indeed. With the newest addition to our camera fleet. A beast that goes by the name of Wave Camera from Freefly Systems does even more. Up to 1460 frames per second in Full HD to be exact. In slow motion the world looks different. If you always wanted to know how everyday things look at high speed you should contact us. If you ever wanted to know how things look at super ultra high speed you should definitely contact us.

If you have any further questions or a specific project request, don't hesitate to call us or send us an email.

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