This is LM.Media

LM.Media is a video production collective based in Linz. We are your partner for motion video and film of all kinds. We unite all the skills it needs for a professional production. We think video from A to Z – everything from a single source.
We are individualists with special skills in all aspects of the film business. We are directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, musicians, thinkers and aficionados.


Touch the boxes
It starts with the idea - only a good idea leads to a great video. We develop the script and concept corresponding to your requests.
  • Target group analysis
  • Development of ideas
  • Concept creation
  • Storyboard


In postproduction, the material gets assembled into one piece. Effects, color grading and sound are combined for the desired feeling of the final film.
  • Editorial work
  • Video editing
  • Color grading
  • Motion graphics


Our big professional network allows us to carry out productions of all sizes – from small interview shoots up to big television shows.
  • Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Sound
  • Special effects


Did you ever watch your favourite video without sound? Try it out. Are there any more questions regarding the importance of music and sound design?
  • Professional music compositions
  • High quality recordings
  • Voice-over
  • Foley & Sound design

Work skills



The idea is the heart of an advertisement. We’re aiming to create emotions and to transport the image of the advertising company. We take the time it needs to find the perfect way for your business. We’re also happy to bring the ideas of your marketing department or advertising agency to life.


Because we love sports and do sports, we can capture them – in the most important moments and best angles. We’re connected with athletes because we have those things in common: As qualified guides in canyoning, climbing, rafting and skiing we’re comfortable in every terrain.


Editorial work in significant detail, showing the real important details of a talent, capturing special moments – those things are indispensable for every production, whether for live-coverage, television documentaries, music videos or short films.

The faces behind LM.Media


Markus Bauer, MA

Camera Operator, Editor, Thinkerbell
„A soup is always a nice thing!”

Alexander Brugger, BSc

Outdoor Camera Operator, Postproduction Supervisor , Motion Graphics, Optimist
„Fear is the enemy of progression”

Christian Koll

Concept, Direction, Outdoor Camera Operator, Set Designer, Superdad
„I ain´t no motto-guy!”

Martin Engler, BSc

Production Manager, Music Producer, Sound Design, 2D-Animator, Maverick
„Slowly, slowly!”

Tim Hupfauer, BA

Cinematographer, Editor, Screenwriter, Perfectionist
„Perfect, again!”

Lukas Gellert, BA

Producer, Storyteller, Afficionado
„Nice to meet you habibi!”

Andreas Wolfger

Documentary Filmmaker, Set Designer, Grip, Doer
„When the child in the man is dead, the man ain´t worth shit”