Ultimate Rush

TV Series

Episode 10: Dean Potter: Free And Solo

Speed Climber Dean Potter, who died in a tragic accident recently, was a legend among extreme athletes. Base jumping and skydiving were a few of his specialties. The postproduction for the episode "Free and Solo" of the daredevil stunts of Potter was conducted by LM.Media.

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Episode 14: The Summit of Antarctica

Leo Houlding is one of the most famous expedition climbers in the world. In this episode, he made the attempt to climb the Ulvetanna Peak in Antarctica with his teammates and friends. LM.Media did the interview for this Episode with Leo in Chamonix, Switzerland.

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Episode 18: Positive Fear

As one of the pioneers in Wingsuit flying and a Base jumping, Cedric Dumont challenges himself again and again. His ‘positive fear’, as he calls it, drives him to daredevil jumps in the Swiss Alps, waterfalls and out of an airplane over the desert of Peru. LM.Media did the edit of this episode.

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Episode 20: Unsung Heroes

Without the technical skills of the cameramen behind the scenes the performances of the athletes in 'Ultimate Rush' would remain unseen. Only the extraordinary commitment of the artists behind the camera creates the images that go around the world. LM.Media was editing the episode about the ‘Unsung heroes’.

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